Friday, January 28, 2011

Army ILE at Fort Lee

I am MAJ Patterson and I am currently part of ILE class 11-001 at Fort Lee, VA. This a satellite version of the course that is held at Fort Leavenworth, MO. This course is a third of the length of the main course. This course is intended for those that are in a functional branch. However, there are students in the course that are not in a functional area and must complete all the courses offered by the main ILE course at Fort Leavenworth. I developed this blog to assist past,current, and future students of the course at Fort Lee to tell their story of the course to help other officers in the military. also this blog will foster an environment where officers can communicate about with one another about ILE, current events, or life as an Army Officer.  The only rule to posting on this site is to keep it professional and respectful as well as add a disclaimer that your views are only your views and do not express the views of the United States Army or the Fort Lee ILE satellite campus.  I would like to add that this Blog is not sponsored by Fort Lee, Fort Leavenworth, or the Army at large.